James M. Flammang, author of 30 books (including
six for children), is at work on several more,
including the title described below.

An independent journalist since the 1980s, Flammang
specialized in the automobile business. During
2016, he turned away from cars and into more vital
topics: work/labor, consumer concerns, and especially,
the emerging outrages of the Trump administration. His
website, Tirekicking Today (tirekick.com) has been
online since 1995.

Untied Knots

Tales of Travel and Back at Home

by James M. Flammang

CONTENTS (tentative)

Section One: On the Go - Tales of Travel

Night Bus from Memphis
Night Train out of Querétaro
Heading South
Christmas in the Port
An Old Man at Cannes
Entry Point
Queasy Crossing
Hostility in the Hostel
Discomfort Zones
Highland Freeze
Ready? Go!
Get It While It’s Hot

Section Two: Here At Home

Desk Duty
Bad Sports
Hotel Del Rey
Wakeup Time
Winding Down
Scandal in the Dayroom
Slipping Into Stupid
Inhuman Relations
Mail Call
Whites Only ‘59

Section Three: From the Archive

The Last (Debt-)Free Man
A Twenty-Year System
Guzzler Gulch

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